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Nisi video ir foto filtrai adapteriai

NiSi was found in 2005 and is specialized in Camera & Cinema Filters. NiSi have their own factory in China and has a number of optical patent technologies. Today is NiSi a high technology industry with the best solution technique for landscape photography and cinema/broadcast.

NiSi filters have several unique qualities as:

  • - All NiSi filters are made of Optical glass of highest quality (imported from Japan and Germany)

  • - Double anti reflective multilayer coating

  • - Water and Oil repellent Nanocoating

  • - Resistance against scratches

  • - NiSi filter series products are all accord with the EU ROHS requirements.

With NiSi filters, you can improve the exposure of your images and bring out more detail in the highlights and shadows. NiSi Filters offer Low colour cast, Low reflection and are High definition.

NiSi offers 3 types of filters:

  • - Cinema Filters

  • - Square Filters

  • - Circular Filters

Rodoma 1 - 12 iš 12 dalykų
Rodoma 1 - 12 iš 12 dalykų