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Photography in a changing world

In the course of time, rapid and significant developments took place in the photography industry. The demands, the technical perspectives and the possibilities for marketing all changed radically. While in Rollei’s first years photography was an option for only a few, today, almost everyone has regular contact with photography.

After digital cameras, which could already be purchased by low-budget target groups, and certainly since camera phones and smartphones came onto the market, there are now no limits. Because of digital social media, rapid distribution of photographs and videos is also easily possible for everyone.

Of course, a brand like Rolleiflex has to adapt to the changes and follow trends. Thus, RCP-Technik GmbH, a company based in Hamburg, purchased the Rollei trademark licensing rights for the whole of Europe, and since then it has been marketing Rollei consumer products with increasing success.

Rollei today

Since 2015 the company name has been Rollei GmbH & Co. KG and it currently has a presence in more than twenty European countries. The highly diverse range of Rollei products includes digital cameras, action cams, camcorders, digital picture frames, slide film scanners, photo production tripods, as well as photo and iPhone accessories.

For us as a company, it is important to guarantee the premium quality of the brands and to communicate this to the public. Excellent service is available for all Rollei products: our Comprehensive No-Worries Package allows you 24 months to return the product in the event of damage or loss and receive a new device within eight days.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items