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Our binoculars and spotting scopes of today is the best and most affordable collection we ever had, everything from our top models to the most affordable series. You can safely buy the Focus binoculars you want and always feel that you get value for money, including comprehensive guarantees.

The journey of Focus Binoculars began in the mid-1980s when we started our long cooperation with numerous Japanese and Korean leading manufacturers. High quality and great value for the money was our motto from the very start. And 30 years later, we still have a partnership with several of the manufacturers that were with us from the beginning.

Throughout the years, large parts of the production have been moved to China, where most binoculars are made today. Our partners around Asia are using German and Japanese equipment with computer controlled, super precision lens grinding and advanced coating techniques, such as FMC (Fully Multi Coated) and Dielectric Coating. World leading industries in Japan are supplying glass of the highest quality for our binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes. In Focus top-of-the-range binoculars you will find Phase Corrected prisms and lens elements made from exclusive ED (Extra low Dispersion) and Lanthanide glass and to guarantee maximum contrast, resolution and light transmission.

Durable but lightweight materials such as polycarbonate and magnesium alloys are used in chassis and other parts to offer more practical, flexible binoculars. In addition, all of the waterproof Focus binoculars are filled with nitrogen gas in order to avoid ogging and assure an even performance in all other weather conditions.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 62 items