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Photographic Chemistry for Beginners and Experienced Users

In our photographic chemistry category, you can find a selection of Tetenal’s own
established black and white & color classics.

Amongst the most popular products in color processing are our Colortec kits for negative,
paper and reversal processing. Another classic is the Neofin Blue one-shot developer for
black and white negatives which provide exceptional sharpness. Also, try the
Eukobrom/Eukobrom AC paper developer for intense shadows and shining highlights.

A fresh addition to the product range of New Tetenal are the gold and sepia toners by
Creative Design. The nostalgic spirit of sepia is still very popular in black and white
photography. Also, don’t miss out on the incredibly quick high-performance fixer Superfix
Plus which is now available in different sizes. Lastly, make sure to get yourself some useful
lab tools which will make your analog photography life easier – like our Antistatic Spray,
Lavaquick for quick final rinsing, as well as emulsions, cleaners and anti-static cloths.

Take a moment to relax and get fascinated by stunning creativity – Welcome to New
Tetenal, your specialist for analog photography!

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items