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FOMEI was founded in 1990. Our specialization is mainly production, sale and service of devices, materials and accessories for recording, processing and storing images, both in the area of optics and photography as well as in the medical sphere.

Our products under the same brand name are exported to more than 25 countries inside and outside the EU.

We are a full-scope supplier, everything is managed from one place. Development of the product, its sale and prospective instalment, guarantee and after guarantee service is ensured by one team.  

The company is divided into the following divisions from the point of business organization and care of customers:

Photo division

Photo division supplies devices, materials and accessories to retail outlets of specialized photo shops and optics shops, also to professional photographers, institutions and company customers. It ensures guarantee and after guarantee service.

Photo division offers overall solutions for photo studio mounting of all sizes and types. Materials and devices for consumable and professional photography production are a part of these solutions, too.

Hunting and observation binoculars are a fundamental part of this division and they are supplied to shops with hunting accessories all over the country and also to foreign shops.

Products of Fomei brand are developed and put on sale on the basis of careful market research which our workers perform especially in the EU countries. This guarantees products of the whole portfolio are cutting-edge.

Long term service support for all Fomei products supplied in the market are ensured by a special service department.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items